Drive & Brunch at The Moss Beach Distillery
April 23

140 Beach Way,

Moss Beach

Join us for our first drive of the year followed by a delightful brunch with spectacular ocean views. We will meet at two Bay Area locations to caravan to the Moss Beach Distillery.

The Distillery is a California Point of Interest.  During Prohibition it was an ideal spot for rum running and bootleggers and became a ‘Speakeasy’ establishment.   The restaurant is located on a cliff above a secluded beach with fabulous views. It’s famous because mystery writer Dashiell Hammett frequented the establishment and used it as a setting for his detective stories.  The restaurant also has a resident ghost - The Blue Lady - who haunts the building.  Perhaps she will join our meeting. Bernie Stein might even tell us more about her and many of the “private activities” that occurred at the restaurant as he was a staff member during his teens a few years ago.

We will all assemble in the parking lot south of the entrance by 10:30 to exhibit our Cats and then start brunch at 11:00 when the restaurant opens. The brunch includes:

  • Fresh baked pastries (unlimited supply)

  • Fruit cup

  • A bottomless glass of orange juice, sparkling wine or Mimosas

  • Coffee or tea and so drinks

  • Choice of one entrée to be decided at the brunch

    Cost for the brunch will be $48 per person with seating limited

    to 32. Payment can be made by:
  • Sending a check to Phil Endliss at 37 Campbell Lane, Menlo Park CA, 94025

  • PayPal either through the online JAGazette or by sending money directly through PayPal to

  • Call Phil to charge on a credit card

Contact Phil Endliss for payment and driving instruction.   Phil's contact information is  Phil Endliss at 37 Campbell Ln., Menlo Park, CA. 94025. Phone number 650-854-4445, you can also pay with PayPal or Credit Card.

For those wanting to participate in the drive, we’ll meet at several locations to caravan to the Distillery including the East Bay and the Peninsula.  The exact locations will be established at the beginning of April depending on the locations of the members that will be attending the event.

If you drive directly to the Distillery, please allow ample time to arrive by 10:30 as the usual beach traffic can be heavy.

Moss Beach Members Reservation


Moss Beach Guest Reservation Payment