Courtesy of Vintage Jag Works

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You'll find that on older cars which have a red indicator or medallion lens sitting on top of the side lamp (Lucas part #573449 or Jag part #~691 (lens) and spring clip retainer, Lucas #571888, Jag #~098I2) that these parts are often very difficult to get to fit.

To ease the installation, take the side lamp out of the pod and let it dangle by its wires. Set the red indicator lens in place and look up inside the pod to see if there is enough of the attaching tab sticking down into the pod to receive the spring clip retainer. If not, the problem is usually that the paint too thick.

This may be a handy way to tell on a prospective purchase how many times it has been repainted. If this is the problem, file some plastic off the lip on the lens with a finger nail file to make it stick down further. Now, put a small lump of Vaseline on the inside surface of the pod just to the rear of the indicator lens slot. Stick the spring clip in the grease with the open end forward. Now set the lens in place, peak forward. Reach in with a 90 degree bent piece of stiff wire and pull the clip forward from where it's stuck into the indicator lens tab. Reinstall the lamp and congratulate yourself on saving seven hours of frustration.