Share a Valentine with a Jaguar Member!

On February 14th the club will have its first drive of the year and celebrate Valentine’s Day too.  Your safety is of our utmost importance, so we will socially distance at our meeting point and every time you are out of your car.  Wearing a mask at all times will be mandatory.   We will be meeting in Los Gatos at 9:30AM in the parking lot in front of Peet’s Coffee. The shopping center is on the corner of Blossom Hill and Los Gatos Blvd.  Lunardi’s is also in the same shopping center.  Make sure you get there in time to chat with members because we will begin the drive right at 10:00am.

Our drive will take us up Highway 9 up to Skyline Blvd, with a stop at Alice’s restaurant, to regroup and then we’ll continue through the Redwoods to San Gregorio.  We’ll be taking Stagecoach road through the foothills toward the coast until we reach Pescadero.  Our lunch stop will be in Pescadero. We will enjoy our BYOL (BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH) either in your car or in a chair (which you must provide).  There are also picnic tables available, so you will have choices of where to eat.   

After lunch you can head home or join us for an extended drive up Highway 1 to Bonny Doon Winery.  This road also leads back to Skyline Blvd, Saratoga or Los Altos.

The Leaping Cats Society will be joining us in their cats and if any of them decide they would love to join JAG; Images Auto will sponsor their membership for a year.  Each car will also be receiving a special gift, courtesy of Dave Ferguson of Images Auto.  Since all the restaurants are closed this is a great way to exercise your cat and enjoy VALENTINES DAY with your sweetheart and other JAG members.

The fees for the event are $5 per JAG/JCNA member and $10.00 per guest for one day JCNA membership.


Reservation Form

Valentine’s Day Drive and Picnic,
February 14, 2021





         Cost: $5.00 per person x_____members  $________

         Cost: $10.00 per person x_____guests  $_________    

Credit Card_________________________________

Expir. Date___/____CVC____Zip code____________

Pay Pal:  Send to

Check: Make out to JAG and mail to; JAG Treasurer, 

37 Campbell Lane, Menlo Park, CA. 94025



Medical Agreement and Liability Wavier

By my signature below I agree to abide by and follow any and all requirements requested to allow me to participate in the Valentine’s drive from Los Gatos to Pescadero including but not limited to the wearing of a mask (please bring your own, none will be provided), physical distancing.  I also agree that if I am not feeling well the day of the event, have a cough or fever, I agree to notify the event organizers and stay home with a full refund provided.

I also agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Jaguar Associates Group and its entities, from and against any and all liabilities, damages, causes of action and expenses resulting from or relating to the entrant’s participation in the Valentine’s drive from Los Gatos to Pescadero.

I hereby warrant and confirm that the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge and that I have read and agree to abide by the Medical Agreement and Liability Waiver.