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2023 Events Gallery

Photos from 2023 JAG Events

"Come for the Cars; Stay for the People!"

March 9-12, 2023: Jaguar Clubs of North America, Annual General Meeting

Embassy Suites Hotel, Burlingame, California

March 11, 2023: Jaguars by the Bay, People's Choice Car Show

Photos by Jason A. Steele   Instagram: @jasonasteeleaz

Hi everyone and thanks to all of you who put up with the typical English weather and attended the car show; which even with the spring showers was a huge success and enjoyed by all.  

We had 30 cars which made for a very good show with all 8 classes represented.  Everyone had a great time and if you were unable to attend I'm sorry that we missed you.

The Class winners were:

  • A.    Early Saloon and DHC, up to 1967:   Phil Endliss, 1966 Mark 10

  • B.    Late Saloon, 1968-2009:   Gerald Lovatt, 2005 XJR

  • C.    Modern Saloon, 2010-2023:   Mike Epperson, 2013 XJL Ultimate

  • D.    Classic Sports, up to 1960:   Bob Jacobsen, XK140 OTS

  • E.    E-Type, 1961-1974:   Vikram Ambrose, 1974 E-Type FHC

  • F.    XJS, 1975-1996:   Bill Brooks, 1989 XJS Convertible

  • G.   Modern Sports, 2014-2023:   John Swenson, 2014 XK Convertible

  • H.    F-Type, 2014-2023:   Shane Canekeratne, 2019 F-Type Convertible

Best of Show winner:

  • Phil Endliss, 1966 Mark 10

SNG Barratt and Motorcars Inc. winner:

  • Phil Endliss, 1966 Mark 10

Thanks again to everyone who attended the car show.

Andy Preston