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About the JAGazette

JAGazette is the Jaguar Associate Group's monthly newsletter, the winner of at least five JCNA Newsletter Awards. The JAGazette has been published continuously since 1955. Almost all of those issues have been scanned (thank you, Les!) and are available in our online archives. See the "JAGazette Past Issues" link under the 'Members' menu. 

  • Editor: Kristan Neubecker,

  • Design/Layout: Val Sherer, Personalized Publishing Services

  • Proofreader: Lloyd Nolan

  • Proofreader: Clive Hallatt

  • Proofreader: John Swensson


All articles, photos, etc.. for inclusion in the JAGazette must be received by the 15th of the preceding month of issue. E-mail material to

JAGazette Staff: Image
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