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New Membership Application

Use the form below to apply for membership in JAG. Please complete all required fields and other fields as needed then press the "Go to Checkout" button at the bottom to proceed to payment. (Applications received without payment will be held for 30 days.)


The cost for your Initial Membership includes your dues for JAG, a subscription to JAG's monthly JAGazette newsletter, your dues to the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA), a subscription to JCNA's glossy magazine, Jaguar Journal, access to JAG's discussion forum & private Facebook Group, and a standard badge for yourself and your partner.

The initial year's dues are $130.00. Members joining between October 1 and December 31 pay $140.00 and will have membership in both JAG and JCNA through December 31 of the following year. 


The annual member renewal dues are $105.00 per calendar year. They are due and payable on or before December 31st for the following year. (Revised & Effective 10/1/20.)


JCNA Members who are paid-up members of other JCNA clubs pay $65.00 per year. (Does not include badges.)

New Membership Application

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