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Knock-off Spinner Tool

A tool designed to aid removal and installation of Jaguar knock-off wheel spinners

Tired of damaging spinners, bent spokes, and hitting the car body?


I know I was, and thought, there had to be a better way than beating the spinner with a hammer from the 19th century! Here is my latest re-designed, two eared tool, 52mm size spinner for a Jaguar.


Short History: For some time now, I’ve not been able to make my original two eared tools. My machinist lost his home and shop and all of our equipment during the 2017 CA. fires. Everything was destroyed and it would have been too costly to rebuild and continue making any more of my tools.

I tried several other versions, but fell short, until now.

My Final version: After having many starts and re-starts to replace my original two eared tools, the final tool is now in production. There will be no need to beat your spinners to death with a hammer anymore. I used a solid block of aluminum using CNC technology to create a one-piece tool with no moving parts. The tool’s design has a leather lined bridge. You simply hang the tool on the spinner’s ear that faces upward, push the tool flat on the other ear and turn. Attach my, included, socket to the hex shaft of the tool, then use your breaker bar or a torque wrench and apply force to tighten or loosen the spinner. Yes, it’s that easy and simple!

The Kit contains: a leather lined tool, protecting all metal to metal contact, a plastic colored insert to protect the face of the spinner, a 1 1/4 inch socket with a 1/2 inch drive, to be able to attach a breaker bar or a torque wrench on to the tool, a wheel chock to block the tire from spinning on the floor, and a tough embossed black storage bag to keep the Tool Kit organized in the car. UNDO arrows are engraved into the back of the tool.



The two ear angles shapes are different for the left and right sided spinners. My tool has both ear angles milled into the side walls of the tool, making the tool work for both R&L spinners. This tool snugly fits and will not twist off under torque.


A local shop owner has always tightened his spinners with three good whacks with a lead hammer. We tested his “3 good whacks method”, and he hit within 3 to 4 pounds of 210 each time.

When he used my tool, he said that the added extension bar’s leverage, caused the wheel to spin on the floor. He suggested I would need a block of wood to keep the wheel from spinning. That’s why I’ve added a wheel chock to all my knock off tool kits.

What size spinner tool to order?

52mm Jaguars measure about 4" across the base diameter, not the ears.

42mm MG and other British car spinners measure about 3 1/2".

Storage for a Knock Off Spinner Tool Kits:

Included in all Tool Kits is a black embossed storage bag. An option is an Aluminum tool case.


Not all Jaguar spinners are made the same, depending on who manufactured them. Some have thicker side walls, higher domes, and the ear angles are slightly different. My tool’s design will fit all of the different shapes perfectly.

For additional information visit my website at

Or contact Sarto Rocheleau at 707 481 6700 or

Spinner Tool: Image
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