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How to Subscribe to the Online Jaguar Journal

(Note: Until announced otherwise, after signing up you will receive both the hardcopy and electronic versions of Jaguar Journal.)

There are two steps in subscribing to the electronic Jaguar Journal.  The two steps are:

  1. Create your account on the Zinio delivery system and…

  2. Indicate at WWW.JCNA.COM that you would like to receive the electronic Jaguar Journal.


Creating an account on Zinio

  • Zinio uses your email to deliver notifications and provide access to the Zinio system.

  • Visit WWW.ZINIO.COM using your browser.

  • On the Zinio home page, click on the  Icon in the upper right side of the window.

  • On the next screen, create your Zinio account by entering your email address and a password (twice) and click on “Signup”.  The email receives notification of new Jaguar Journal editions and is used to access your library of Jaguar Journal editions.


Subscribing to an electronic subscription to at WWW.JCNA.COM

  • Visit WWW.JCNA.COM with your browser and click on “Logon (Must be a Club or current JCNA Member)”.

  • Log into WWW.JCNA.COM using your JCNA Member Number and JCNA.COM password. (If your have forgotten your password, use the Password Recovery Option).

  • Once logged into WWW.JCNA.COM, click on the “Member Only” section on the upper left.

  • Click on “Subscription”.

  • On the next screen, use the “Subscription Type” pull down to select “Electronic Jaguar Journal”

  • Enter your Zinio account email in the “Subscription Email” box and enter it a second time in the “Confirm Email” box.  Note. JCNA does NOT need your Zinio password.

  • Click “Save” to update your information in JCNA.COM.


Reading your electronic jaguar Journal

  • When each Jaguar Journal edition is published at Zinio, subscribed members will receive an email notification at their Zinio registered email.  The email notification includes a link to take you to

  • On WWW.ZINIO>COM log in with the email and Zinio password that you used to set up your Zinio account and your subscribed Jaguar Journals can be found by clicking on MyLibrary.

  • Members can access all subscribed editions of Jaguar Journal from your desktop and/or phone.

  • Shortly after the Zinio notification email is received, a second email be sent from JCNA with your current JCNA member card and any Jaguar Journal flysheet content.


Unsubscribing from the electronic Jaguar Journal.

  • Visit WWW.JCNA.COM and use the procedure above to set your subscription type to “Hardcopy”.


NOTE: During the introductory period both the Electronic and Hardcopy editions will be sent.  JCNA will announce with adequate notice when we will stop sending the Hardcopy edition to electronic subscribers.

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